Speaking out for clean water

Recent Trump adminstration rule rollbacks reduced protection for some types of wetlands and headwater streams. This threatens water quality around the country. See our op-ed in The Hill

Nathan Murphy

The federal rule rollbacks with the current administration concern me a great deal. Folks fought long and hard for wins on clean air, clean water, and protecting our environment. The rollbacks threaten a lot of this progress, from the Clean Water Act, to the National Environmental Protection Act, to the Migratory Birds Treaty. The administration in D.C. seems to be hitting all the bases.To date they’ve completed 66 rollbacks and have 34 more in process. That’s right, 100 rule rollbacks.

One of the recently completed rollbacks removes protections for certain wetlands and small streams under the Clean Water Act. Scientists tell us these wetlands and streams are important for protecting water quality and providing wildlife habitat. And since water flows downhill, removing protections for these waters will eventually impact our Great Lakes. In response to this, I wrote an op-ed that was published in The Hill. You know us Michganders love our water. It’s one of the things that make Michigan special. I had to speak out for our waters.

The data shows The Hill gets around 11 million regular visitors. That’s a lot of people around our country potentially more informed about the threats to our waters and our environment in general. Informing people about the issues we care about is an important part of the work you support. And here’s a great example of that work.

Our water quality is endangered by so many threats like lead in drinking water, toxic forever chemicals known as PFAS and combined sewer overflows. We simply can’t allow this damage to the water we hold so dear. We need to do more, not less to protect water. That’s part of being a Michigander.


Nathan Murphy