Former Governor Granholm and Environment Michigan testify today in opposition to weakening automotive pollution standards

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Nathan Murphy

Dearborn, MI — Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm submitted prepared remarks along with Environment Michigan’s testimony today at the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hearing on the proposed standards that would roll back current standards which increase mileage requirements and decrease pollution in automobiles through the 2026 model year.

Environment Michigan State Director Nathan Murphy submitted written testimony on behalf of Environment Michigan members, and read in prepared remarks on behalf of Gov. Granholm who was unable to attend the hearing in person.

“I strongly oppose the rollback of fuel economy standards and I support the continuation of “One National Program for Fuel Economy”, which brings all parties — California, the Federal Government, environmental groups, industry and the unions — to the table to negotiate fuel economy standards that are significantly increased, while also being achievable,” said Gov. Granholm.

The current emission standards were the result of negotiations between the automotive industry, environmental groups, consumer advocates, unions and the Obama administration. These negotiations reached consensus in 2012, and result in regularly increasing mileage requirements in cars and light trucks sold in the United States to average more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025. The current standards could change the composition of the nation’s auto fleet for years.

“The EPA’s final determination in January of 2017 determined the current standards are appropriate, and progress is faster and at lower costs than initially predicted. The current standards are acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollution as predicted. It makes no sense to change these standards in ways that result in harm to our children, our communities and the planet,” said Murphy.

The current emissions standards are the most significant action by the United States as a whole to combat climate change and rising greenhouse gas emissions. The transportation sector in America has become the largest and fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, and experts believe that without aggressive action on transportation emissions it will be all but impossible for America to reduce emissions fast enough to help the world avoid the 2 degrees celsius temperature increase scientists warn as a point where harmful effects of climate mount quickly.

Gov. Granholm’s testimony concluded with, “Rolling back the standards and doing away with one national program is the Trump Administration snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”