All-Electric Guide Reaches 500 Local Elected Officials Around the Country

Environment America Research and Policy Center’s guide to building electrification reaches the hands of local policymakers leading the way for Clean Energy Homes in their cities.

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Mayors and councilmembers in all 50 states have now received Environment America’s building electrification guide, Ten Ways Your Community Can Go All-Electric. The guide outlines ten ways that these city policymakers can advance clean, efficient electric technologies in their residential and commercial buildings. The initial response has been positive; one elected official from Hawaii County, a former solar installer, responded by saying that he was highly interested in encouraging clean energy at all levels of governance. Using Environment America’s guide, these bold local elected officials can forge ahead on building electrification through actions ranging from local policy to workforce training.

Electrifying residential and commercial buildings would not only prevent air pollution, but help avoid the worst impacts of global warming. Electric and induction stoves are efficient replacements for the dirty gas stoves that cause indoor air pollution in our homes. Further, switching to electric technologies  is a step to reduce global warming emissions and repower America with clean, renewable energy. Electric space and water heating are within reach for American households, especially with the support of local elected officials. With Environment America’s guide in their hands, mayors and councilmembers across America are now empowered to create communities with clean air and a liveable climate. 

For more information about the benefits of electrification, check out our Electric Buildings report.

Sign our petition in support of electrifying America's buildings

Sign our petition in support of electrifying America's buildings

All-electric buildings are the next step in reducing carbon emissions for a cleaner, greener planet. Using today's efficient, electric technology, we can meet all of our energy needs with renewable energy. But to fully harness the energy of the sun, the wind and the earth, we'll have to transition all of our buildings to run entirely on green electricity. I support the movement to electrify our homes and buildings for our planet and public health.

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