Environment Michigan kicks off solar homes campaign

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Putting solar on homes helps fight climate change

Environment Michigan

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 


Nathan Murphy, State Director, Environment Michigan, [email protected], 517-303-8692

Bronte Payne, Director, Environment America Go Solar Campaign, [email protected], 248-410-4857

Josh Chetwynd, Communications Manager, [email protected], 303-573-5558

Environment Michigan launches campaign calling for solar homes

Ann Arbor, MI — As Michigan continues to shift to renewable energy, Environment Michigan is embarking on a new campaign that calls for to require new homes to be built with solar panels on the roof when feasible.

“In order for Michigan to be a leader on clean, renewable energy, change can and must start at home,” said Nathan Murphy, Environment Michigan State Director. “Americans have made it clear that they want solar power, and by creating a direct path for every new home to include this essential resource, Michigan will make a big contribution toward combating climate change and making our state healthier and cleaner.” 

Nearly half of American homeowners have seriously thought about putting solar panels on their home and almost nine out of 10 Americans favor expanding solar power, according to the Pew Research Center. 

“Requiring all new homes to have solar panels is a commonsense step,” said Murphy. “It would create a wave of clean renewable energy, reduce global warming pollution, cut air pollution, save consumers money and help to create a more resilient electric grid for all.” 

Environment Michigan’s effort is part of a growing movement. In January, California began serving as an example of what building all new homes with solar power can look like. The implementation of the solar homes rule will help increase that state’s existing solar capacity by 22 percent by 2045. Now, along with Michigan, efforts are underway in nine other states, including Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas to include solar power in the construction of all new homes.

Implementing this solar installation would be a game changer. Doing so nationwide from 2021 to 2027 would result in more solar energy capacity than the entire U.S. currently has installed. In addition, a solar homes requirement would cut an estimated 161 million metric tons of climate-damaging carbon dioxide in 2045. That’s the equivalent of taking more than 34 million of today’s cars off of the road. 

“Solar power is supported by a majority of Americans and building all new homes with solar panels is achievable,” said Murphy. “We cannot miss the opportunity to generate the renewable energy that comes with powering every new home with solar. The most efficient time to install solar panels is when workers are already on the roof, and by making homes solar, it will lead to healthier and safer communities for years to come.” 


Environment Michigan is a state-wide, grassroots driven advocacy organization pushing for clean water, clean air, and the greenspaces that make Michigan special.