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Coral reefs suffering due to climate change

Coral reefs are suffering because of the impacts of climate change. Researchers found “100% mortality” at a coral reef site off Florida.


Coral in the Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Most of us think about, talk about and experience climate change here on land. June was the hottest month ever recorded, and we sure felt it. Beneath ocean waters in the coral reefs, sea life is feeling it too. 

The Coral Restoration Foundation found 100% coral mortality at Sombrero Reef, a restoration site near Key West that the group has worked on for a decade. 

Their discovery is staggering and depressing, but ideally it helps all of us redouble our efforts to address the problem. And solutions are out there, including these three (out of thousands): 

You can read more about the coral reef story on a CBS News site here. 

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