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The Menominee River is 120 miles long and forms the border between Wisconsin and Michigan. It feeds into Lake Michigan and is the largest watershed in the Upper Peninsula. The Menominee River is a very popular destination for hiking and fishing

For more than 20 years the Canadian mining company, Aquila Resources Inc., has been planning to develop a metallic sulfide mine within 100 feet of the Menominee River right on Michigan’s shoreline. This mine poses a huge threat to the entire ecosystem. Drainage from the mine including harmful heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury could contaminate the area and harm the river, flora and fauna

The Menominee River is named after the Indigenous tribe of the Menominee of Wisconsin. This tribe alongside seven other Indigenous tribes have voiced opposition to the proposed mining project due to the value the river holds in their culture.

Due to opposition, the mining project has been on hold for more than 20 years, but recently Gold Resources acquired Aquila and has re-proposed the mining project. The company intends on beginning construction of the mine by 2024. The EPA must reject the wetlands permits and continue to preserve the Menominee River for future generations.

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