Environment Minnesota Applauds Governor Walz for Maintaining the Line 3 Appeal, Supports Stay of Construction

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Timothy Schaefer

Environment Minnesota

This morning, Governor Tim Walz announced that the Minnesota Department of Commerce will continue the appeals process, challenging Enbridge Inc.’s proposed expansion and relocation of its Line 3 crude oil pipeline. This is a reaffirmation of the clear science around Line 3: Minnesota cannot build a massive, wasteful tar sands pipeline and be a true leader on climate change.

“This is an important step in stopping Line 3 and in creating a new status quo where new fossil fuel infrastructure projects are regarded with the skepticism they deserve,” said Environment Minnesota State Director Tim Schaefer. “We know we only have a few years to transform our economy to fully embrace renewable energy, clean transportation, and non-destructive agricultural practices. Today, Governor Walz acknowledged that fact.”

The Department of Commerce’s appeal –alongside the White Earth and Red Lake bands of Ojibwe, the Sierra Club, Honor the Earth, Friends of the Headwaters and the Youth Climate Intervenors, and others– is based on Enbridge’s failure to provide a demand forecast required by state law.

“Given the need for a quick societal transition off of fossil fuels, it’s alarming that Enbridge is assuming demand will continue to rise indefinitely,” said Schaefer. “They’ve failed to demonstrate a clear need for this project and the environmental impacts are unacceptable.”

Environment Minnesota continues to support executive and/or court action to halt all construction and pre-construction activities until the appeals process is complete.

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