Environment Minnesota is Proud to Support 100% Carbon Free Bill

Media Contacts
Timothy Schaefer

Environment Minnesota is proud to join a coalition of 30+ environmental organizations, faith leaders, scientists, youth activists and citizens around Minnesota calling for 100% carbon-neutral energy. SF850/HF700 would improve the state’s energy standard to require 100% carbon neutral sources by 2050 for most utilities, and by 2045 for Xcel Energy. 

The bill would also eliminate waste incineration as an eligible energy source, finally disincentivizing a significant, unnecessary source of air pollution and a clear public health hazard. 

Director Tim Schaefer said, “We enthusiastically support updating the state’s renewable energy standard to reflect both the rapidly decreasing costs of solar and wind technology and the imensity of our global climate crisis. Rep. Long is right: we won’t get there fast enough without measures like these. They’re essential.”

Environment Minnesota will also support more aggressive timelines for transitioning off of fossil fuels, including bills that provide significant direct funding for energy efficiency, energy storage, electrification of transportation, and/or support for communities that currently heavily depend on fossil fuel infrastructure.