Environment Missouri supports SB 745

Environment Missouri supports SB 745 that will allow all Missourian's to build rooftop solar. 

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Bridget Sanderson

Former State Director, Environment Missouri

Chairman Cierpoit and Members of the Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and Environment

My name is Bridget Sanderson and I am the Director of Environment Missouri, a statewide environmental advocacy organization. I am here today with 14 years of environmental science, policy, and advocacy, to speak on behalf of our members across the state in favor of SB 745. 

Rooftop solar panels can be a difference-maker in extreme weather, and add value to Missouri’s grid because they produce energy very close to where we use it. Solar users help limit the need to generate power at centralized fossil fuel plants and reduce the need for costly investments in power distribution and transmission. Those avoided costs are especially valuable during hot summer months when electricity demand spikes along with air conditioning use — and when solar panels are most productive. Since they generate electricity at the point of use, solar panels can also improve grid efficiency and save costs by reducing the amount of energy lost during distribution and transmission. Finally, solar resources diversify the state’s energy supply and reduce financial risks posed by volatile fuel sources. These grid benefits are valuable to the utility and to every ratepayer, not just those with panels on their roofs, reducing costs and improving service across the board. In order for us to prevent another energy crisis, we must encourage renewable energy adoption, and can do this through this bill. 

Numerous studies commissioned by state Public Utility Commissions that have included its full scope of benefits have found that distributed solar generation is worth more than its retail price and that the benefits of distributed solar energy outweigh the costs of net metering. Without a full value of solar study in the state, it would be impossible for utility companies to know. A true Value of Solar study helps to identify these avoided costs and overall benefits from solar panels on all Missourian’s rooftops.

All Missourians should have the opportunity to put solar panels on their rooftops, if they so choose, and not be burdened by the neighborhood in which they live. We must support Missourians who look to decentralize our current energy grid with renewable energy sources. We all want clean air and water for our future in Missouri, one way to do that is to continue the support all of the benefits of Missourians with rooftop solar. 

Please vote in support of SB 745 in order to support Missourians’ choice in rooftop solar and to study the full value of solar in the state. Thank you.


Bridget Sanderson

Former State Director, Environment Missouri

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