How to be more energy efficient based on your Zodiac sign

Energy saving tips that are written in the stars

Brynn Furey

If the arrangement of stars from our birthday can predict where we should live and what we should eat, why can’t it help us identify how we can live more energy efficient lives? Read on to find out how you can save energy based on your Zodiac sign.


You can save energy by: organizing a (virtual) community rally.

As an Aquarius, you are a rebel with a cause. That means you’re ready to take down the system and zealously push for social change. You are not content to sit idly by as energy gets wantonly wasted. Sure, you can switch your light bulbs to LEDs and turn the faucet off when you brush your teeth, but you know that the way to make real waves is to march right down to your state capitol with a possé of passionate energy efficiency supporters and demand better policies.


You can save energy by: taking a cold shower.

Pisces is empathetic and compassionate but often illusive. Because you tend to look on the bright side of everything, you may risk glossing over problems and overlooking some of the energy waste in your life. Taking a cold shower will jolt you back into reality, while saving a bunch of energy that would have otherwise been used to heat the water. The cold might be unpleasant but your kind and caring nature will triumph when it comes to taking care of the earth.


You can save energy by: calling your legislators.

Try telling an Aries to be patient, and you’ll be met with disdain. Aries is vibrant and impulsive. Those under this sign will take the most direct route of action and will not allow any red tape to get in their way. As an Aries, it doesn’t make any sense to you to get bogged down in the details of energy waste when your elected officials are considering policies that could more meaningfully slash energy consumption. You’ll go right to the source and call on your legislators to support energy efficiency policies without a moment of hesitation. Because you know it’s the right thing to do, and time is of the essence.


You can save energy by: getting an energy audit for your home.

As a Taurus, you are ambitious yet practical. You will play the long game when it comes to implementing smart energy solutions for your home. But before you take action, you want hard facts and a portfolio of options so that you can optimize your approach to save energy and reduce your utility bills. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, investing in an energy audit will help you find potential sources of energy loss in your living space. This will allow you to effectively tackle them with a week-by-week plan. The payoff won’t be immediate, but your resolute nature will keep you loyal to the project until the hard work of saving energy is done.


You can save energy by: unplugging and powering down all of your devices.

A Gemini’s brain is always bustling with new project ideas; books you want to read; and profound questions about the world around you. You light up any room you walk into and buzz around talking to anyone about anything. As a lively Gemini, you are constantly hooked on your phone and computer as you pour yourself into all of your many work activities, text conversations and Tweet threads. But you need to sleep at some point, and so do your devices. Make sure to fully power them down and unplug their chargers when they aren’t in use.


You can save energy by: going electric for heating in your home.

As a Cancer, you are intuitive and kind, and you tend to take care of those around you. However, you need a place to go when your own energy is depleted. You like to have a cozy spot where your spiritual warmth is matched by the toasty temperature in the room. You can save energy by switching to an electric heat pump, which is twice as energy efficient as natural gas systems. This will protect the planet, improve public health and save you money. That means you can care for the earth, its people and yourself while you rest in your warm haven.


You can save energy by: harnessing the sun’s energy.

As a Leo, you are the strongest and most vivacious when your life is glittering with light. You love to bathe in the sun as much as you love to bask in the spotlight. So, if the sun powers you, why shouldn’t it power your home? While Leos will admire the way their roofs shine when they are covered in solar panels, you can harness the sun’s energy even if you can’t spring for your own solar array right now. This can be done by investing in a solar-powered phone charger that can hang in your window. Leo, all eyes will be on you when your neighbors sneak a peek at your spunky new solar-powered gadgets and pretty soon they’ll be going solar too.


You can save energy by: adjusting your thermostat, heater and other temperature control devices.

If you are a Virgo, let’s face it, you are a perfectionist. Logical and meticulous, you pay very close to attention to details, and you’ll carefully measure each one on your path towards the great “ideal.” To be more energy efficient in your life, you can use your penchant for numbers to make sure your temperature control devices are set exactly where they should be to save energy. Turn your thermostat down to 68 degrees during winter and set your water heater to 120 degrees to hit those perfect metrics and save big on energy.


You can save energy by: caulking air leaks around outlets and windows.

Libras love balance and thrive when they exist in an equilibrium state. But it’s impossible to create symmetry in your home when air is constantly escaping through different cracks and gaps. This forces you to ramp up your thermostat to get to the perfect room temperature feel and leaves you wasting a ton of energy in the process. That’s why you should identify air leaks near electricity outlets and windows then caulk those leaks to get rid of any equilibrium-threatening holes. Libras excel at launching new projects and have great taste when it comes to interior design. So why not combine those qualities to spruce up your home and make it more energy efficient?


You can save energy by: only buying energy efficient appliances.

As a Scorpio, you are patient and strategic. You treat life like a game of chess, always thinking one or two moves ahead. You know what you want, and you aren’t afraid to pause until the perfect moment to jump on it. When it comes to buying energy efficient appliances, it’s crucial to wait until the appliances you have need to be replaced — something you would excel at. In the meantime, you can put your plotting skills to work by doing research on the best energy efficient appliances and selecting the perfect lamps, shower heads and other devices that will help you save energy in your home.


You can save energy by: walking, biking or taking public transportation.

We Sagittarians are typically defined as wanderers who are ready for action at all times and love to travel. While our constant search for adventure keeps us blazing forward for the next exciting experience, we have to be more cognizant of how we are traversing between places. We can save energy in our lives by walking, biking or taking public transportation when we decide to jump from one place to another. We might even consider buying or renting an electric vehicle for those longer trips.


You can save energy by: eliminating energy vampires in your home.

Capricorns were born to be managers. You have an optimistic attitude and know how to launch a successful project which is why you should get to work eliminating energy vampires in your home. This can mean turning off your microwave clock — which uses more energy in a year than you do to heat your food — or unplugging random chargers and devices that aren’t in use. You have the ideal skill set to lay out a map of your home, identify sources of energy vampires, and get right to work eliminating them. You can find a list of more energy vampires in our Buffy the Energy Vampire Slayer comic.


Brynn Furey