Protect Our Oceans

Our country is blessed with sandy beaches, rocky coves, towering sea cliffs and an astonishing variety of ocean wildlife living along our shores. And yet, our oceans are suffering due to human actions.

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Our oceans are amazing. This vast, mysterious wilderness drives the processes that make our planet capable of supporting human life. It is also home to a spectacular array of wildlife – nearly 200,000 species that we know of, and potentially hundreds of thousands more.

People love our oceans too. These are the waters where dolphins and seals surf the waves, sea turtles patrol the reefs, and the last great whales migrate up and down our coasts. These are the beaches where families and friends come together to enjoy a sunny day.

And yet, human actions are putting our ocean life and their habitats at risk. Consider some of the damage that’s already been done to coastal waters by offshore drilling. Or climate change. Or plastic pollution, or overfishing. It’s clear that we need to do more to conserve life in our oceans.

You can join us in calling on our decision-makers to protect our oceans and the amazing wildlife that inhabit them.

What You Can Do

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Senior Director, Conservation America Campaign, Environment America

Kelsey Lamp


Director, Protect Our Oceans Campaign, Environment America

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