100% Renewable

Can you imagine a world powered solely by clean, renewable energy? So can we. So can a growing number of clean energy champions. And we’re working together to make it happen.

Man in hard hat and safety harness sits on top of a wind turbine overlooking beautiful sunset landscape dotted with other wind turbines
Oleksii Sidorov | Shutterstock.com

After all, we’ve had the power to harness clean, abundant energy from the sun and the wind for decades. Today, we can do it more efficiently and cheaply than ever before. Thanks in large part to action in the states, America now produces almost four times as much renewable electricity as we did a decade ago, and 1 in 3 of us lives in a community that’s already committed to meeting all its needs with 100% clean electricity. 

Given the progress we’ve made so far, combined with advances in clean energy technology and the declines in cost, it makes no sense to keep on producing, consuming and wasting energy in ways that do lasting damage to our environment, our climate and our health. 

Instead, we have an opportunity to accelerate the clean energy transition. By focusing on states, cities, colleges and universities and urging them to commit to 100% renewable energy, we can make the most immediate progress, while also blazing the trail for nationwide action.



Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Environment America