Factsheet: Save Missouri’s State Parks

This is a helpful factsheet on Missouri's state parks, the threats our parks are facing, and the work Environment Missouri is doing to save them.


Environment Missouri

Without a doubt, Missouri has some of the best state parks in the country. With well over 18 million visitors each year, our state parks have been ranked five separate times as one of the top four state park systems in the nation.

But our parks are beginning to slip into disrepair. Aging sewer systems, worn down roads and trails, and moss-covered buildings are becoming everyday issues and have accumulated a backlog of over $400 million in repairs and maintenance.


  • Not only are Missouri state parks beautiful, they also contribute more than $1 billion annually to the economy and provide over 14,535 jobs.
  • Along the Katy Trail, there are more than 21 local wineries and breweries and the more than 75 bed and breakfasts where cyclists, walkers and runners can relax and enjoy the scenery and local charm. This trail alone attracts an estimated 400,000 visitors a year and has a total annual economic impact of over $18 million.
  • Unfortunately, the Katy Trail needs $48.8 million in improvements to the trail surface, stressed bridges and aging culverts if it is to remain in usable condition.

Our state parks are not getting the attention they deserve. That is why we want you to stand with us in calling on our legislators to make sure our parks are fully funded.

We know that if we enough people raise their voices in support of our state parks, they will remain natural treasures for future generations to enjoy.