Missoula’s resolution provides a ripple of hope

Missoula's 100% renewable vote today will provide inspiration for countless other communities across Montana tomorrow. 

Skye Borden

At a joint meeting today, the Missoula City Council and County Commission are voting to commit to powering the city and county with 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030. Environment Montana state director Skye Borden will speak at the hearing, and this is her statement: 

Hello commissioners, councilmembers,

My name is Skye Borden, and I am the state director of Environment Montana, and I’m here to support this resolution.

Today, we can harness clean, abundant energy more efficiently and cheaply than ever before. Yet we’re still producing, consuming and wasting energy in ways that are doing lasting damage to our environment, our health and our climate.

Given the headwinds we’re facing in DC, we’re really counting on local leaders – just like yourselves – to step up and take the initiative on a transition to clean, renewable energy.  

Robert F. Kennedy once said that each time we stand up for an ideal, we send forth a “tiny ripple of hope.”

That’s what this vote is all about. This is a vote for hope.

Ripples of hope emanate from each new new city or town that commits to 100% renewable power. A vote for this resolution today will provide inspiration for countless other communities across Montana tomorrow, and it will provide hope for Missoulians everywhere, including a number of the folks in this room.

We know that time is limited, and not everyone may be able to speak, but we still wanted find a way to show our support. So, if I may, I’d like to close by asking everyone in the room who supports this resolution to stand with me now and be recognized.

Thank you.   



Skye Borden