Environment Nevada, Partners Celebrate Re-introduction of Ruby Mountains Protection Bill

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Levi Kamolnick

Senator Cortez Masto brought the bill in the previous Congress with little support

Environment Nevada

Environment Nevada joins a broad swathe of environmental groups in the Silver State in support of Senator Cortez Masto’s Ruby Mountains Protection Act. As written the bill would protect more than half-a-million acres of pristine public land from speculative leasing that would mean disruptive mining practices that would harm Nevadans and nearby wildlife. Environment Nevada State Director Levi Kamolnick issued the following statement in response: 

“We excitedly support Senator Cortez Masto’s legislation to protect Nevada’s pristine Ruby Mountains. The Senator’s leadership is a stark contrast from the previous administration’s attempts to open of the very same mountain range for leases that would have limited recreation opportunities and damaged its natural habitat. We need to protect our public lands for generations to come, not loot them for their mineral wealth at the expense of us all. Nevadans support this legislation and we hope the U.S. Congress will agree.”