Letter to the Editor: Mercury ruling good for kids

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Environment Nevada

To the Editor: From their children’s after school activities to what they eat for lunch, Nevada’s parents have a long list of things to worry about. Fortunately, last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency moved to make that list one item shorter by proposing the “Mercury and Air Toxics Rule,” which will protect Nevada’s kids-and all Nevadans-from toxic mercury pollution from power plants.

In January, Environment Nevada released a report examining mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. Mercury is a potent toxic chemical that affects our children’s ability to walk, talk, read, and write. Even a drop of mercury in our waterways is too much, and for decades coal-fired power plants have spewed tens of thousands of pounds of mercury into our air and water.

Nevada’s parents do everything they can to protect their children-now it’s time for the EPA to do its part. Senator Harry Reid and Representative Shelley Berkley should be applauded for his commitment to protecting our health, and should again stand up for Nevada’s kids and support the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Rule.


Sarah Newman Environment Nevada, Las Vegas