Statement: Governor Sisolak signs historic electric school bus bill

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Ross Sherman

Environment Nevada

LAS VEGAS — Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a bill into law on Thursday that incentivizes school districts to purchase electric school buses over diesel buses. SB 299 passed the senate unanimously and passed 39 to 1 in the assembly.

Environment Nevada director Levi Kamolnick issued the following statement in response:

“This law is an important reminder that cutting-edge clean-energy vehicles are not only available, but also affordable for widespread use. Diesel buses produce large quantities of air pollution, impacting the health of the children that ride them and live in the neighborhoods where they travel. For children, there is no safe level of exposure to diesel exhaust. With zero-tailpipe emissions, electric school buses promote cleaner air, more livable communities and healthier kids. Environment Nevada is thrilled that Gov. Sisolak and our environmental champions in Carson City understand this fact and have prioritized our children’s’ health with this law.

“By taking this step, our state has once again demonstrated a willingness to transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to cleaner transportation options by utilizing readily available technology to benefit all Nevadans.”