Study: Hundreds of beaches found not safe for swimming

On the wrong day at the wrong beach, swimming could make you sick.

On the wrong day at the wrong beach, swimming could make you sick.

A study published this summer by our national research partner, Environment America Research & Policy Center, found that more than 500 beaches across the country had pollution levels that could make swimmers sick on at least one-quarter of the days tested.

“We must invest in water infrastructure that prevents pollution so that all of our beaches are safe for swimming,” said John Rumpler, senior director of our national network’s Clean Water program. “Rain barrels, rooftop gardens, more green space—these simple measures absorb stormwater and prevent pollution of our waterways.”

Environment America is urging Congress to pass the Water Infrastructure Sustainability and Efficiency (WISE) Act, which would fund projects that reduce runoff pollution and help prevent sewage overflows.

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Photo: A summer trip to the beach shouldn’t make you sick. Environment America is working to stop runoff pollution and sewage overflows from rendering our beaches unsafe for swimming. Credit: Gopal Seshadrinathan/Shutterstock

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