Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Reducing energy use creates big savings—for our planet, our climate and our health.

welcomia |

Here’s a simple riddle: What’s the cleanest energy? If you skipped “solar” and “wind” and instead said “conservation” or “energy efficiency” or (bonus points!) “energy conservation and efficiency,” you got it right. 

The less energy we use in the first place, the less we pollute the planet by burning dirty fossil fuels – and the easier it is to get more and more of the energy we need from renewable sources like the sun and the wind.

That’s why we support action and policies that help all of us reduce the amount of energy that we consume. And there’s so much more that we can do, together, to conserve and use energy more efficiently in our homes and our lives. After all, the cleanest energy is the energy we never use in the first place.