Experts Gather in Keene For Climate Forum To Examine Why President and Other Leaders Aren’t Moving on Climate Solutions

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Experts Gather in Keene For Climate Forum To Examine Why President and Other Leaders Aren’t Moving on Climate Solutions

Local Experts and Public Health Advocates Call For Policy that Holds Industrial Carbon Polluters Accountable To Protect the New Hampshire Way and Reduce the Effects of Climate Change


Keene – Small business leaders, scientists and environmental advocates got together this afternoon in Keene, New Hampshire to examine the local impacts of climate change and to discuss why Granite Staters are still waiting for a climate solution from the President and Administration officials charged with protecting clean air and public health, not to mention Congress. 

“While the President should be commended for his repeated statements of commitment to climate change action, and having taken tangible action like significant increases in fuel efficiency and tailpipe pollution standards, more needs to be done by this Administration,” said Johanna Neumann, Regional Director with Environment New Hampshire. “President Obama has repeatedly promised action to address the causes of climate change, but has yet to take action to cut industrial carbon pollution from power plants.”

Additionally, next month the U.S. Senate will take up the nomination of Gina McCarthy to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Ms. McCarthy is a proven regulator and has a strong track record of leadership on energy issues and climate protection. Sen. Shaheen has committed to supporting Ms. McCarthy’s nomination, but Sen. Ayotte has not yet come out in support.

Following a deadly and costly year of extreme weather events in 2012, where Americans watched climate change happen right before their own eyes, including right here in Keene, many in attendance at tonight’s forum say policy makers should now be crystal clear on their marching orders.

“Here in New Hampshire, the costs of carbon pollution to life and property have become all too real … from severe floods and storms to the tick invasion that is spreading Lyme disease among humans and killing off our moose,” said Jim Rubens, a former Republican state senator and potential candidate for US Senate, who is proposing a revenue-neutral carbon pollution tax as means to reduce pollution and to stimulate job formation and economic growth.