President Obama Should Tackle Global Warming in Second Term

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Jessica O'Hare

Environment New Hampshire

As President Obama prepares to deliver his inaugural address on Monday, Advocate of Environment New Hampshire, Jessica O’Hare, made the following statement:  

“We hope the President will pledge to build on the steps his administration has already taken to tackle global warming, for the sake of our environment, our health and our families’ future. 

“From Hurricane Sandy to the worst drought since the Dust Bowl, far too many Americans have been devastated by recent extreme weather events fueled by global warming.

“President Obama’s second term offers tremendous opportunity. In the next four years, it is critical that the White House set tough limits on carbon pollution from power plants, continue investing in the development of clean, renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power, and implement dramatic energy efficiency improvements that will cut dangerous pollution and protect our environment.

 “We look forward to working with President Obama and his administration on taking these critical actions, and we encourage him to continue to use his platform to speak out and to help mobilize Americans to support solutions to global warming.”