Small Business Letter

205 New Hampshire small businesses for action on climate.



Environment New Hampshire

Dear Lawmaker,

Being able to innovate is an essential characteristic for a small business owner such as myself. I make an effort to keep up with new technologies and opportunities that might help my business run more efficiently and effectively and maybe event help me grow. That’s why clean and renewable energy is important to me, and should be for our nation. Carbon pollution and energy efficiency standards help drive innovation and create market opportunities for small businesses, and they’re a key component to progressing toward a clean energy economy and to creating jobs.

I believe government can help create opportunities for small businesses, and offer financial incentives that help us take efficiency measures. I’m not alone. National scientific opinion polling conducted by Small Business Majority found more than half of small businesses think government can play an important role in creating incentives that help small businesses take energy efficiency measures, saving businesses money by reducing energy consumption. What’s more, six in 10 agree expanded use of renewable energy sources can have economic benefits for small businesses.

Limiting carbon pollution from power plants will spur innovation and investment in clean energy, growing our economy, while helping curb the effects of climate change and extreme weather that have devastating impacts on small businesses and the economy. Clean air and renewable energy standards like those developed and implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency will help us move toward a 21st Century clean energy economy. In fact, polling found more than half of all small businesses support the EPA regulating carbon pollution from new and existing sources create market opportunities, increase awareness of and interest in companies that embrace eco-friendly practices and can help businesses like mine save money through new technologies and efficiencies.

Small business owners understand the nexus between protecting public health and growing the economy. We believe sensible clean air standards will spark innovation and drive long-term growth while curbing climate change. We urge you to support small businesses and find real clean energy solutions that will create long-term economic growth and ignite a new era of American innovation. 


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