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Tell Costco: Save the boreal forest

River running through green boreal forest with overcast skies
rems66000 | Pixabay.com

Costco CEO Ron Vachris:

In the time it takes you to brush your teeth tonight, Canada’s boreal will lose three football fields of forest. The rapid deforestation is thanks, in part, to the production of toilet paper.

Canada’s boreal forest is irreplaceable. Home to caribou, wolves, lynx, elk, billions of migratory birds and more — countless creatures rely on the forest staying intact to survive. Plus, the boreal’s trees remove enough carbon from the air each year to offset 24 million cars.

Costco can help. I’m urging Costco to make its Kirkland Signature tissue products from at least 50% recycled materials and refuse to sell other brands of tissue products until they implement the same change.