2022 Could be the year your state goes big on clean renewable energy

Nine states have committed to go 100% to date, but who will be next?

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Emma Searson

I might be a month late, but I’m excited to share my New Year’s resolution. In 2022, I’m setting out to make sure more states get on the path to 100% clean and renewable energy. 

First, let me set the scene: 2022 is just getting started, and the United States is teetering on the cusp of a dramatic renewable revolution. As legislative sessions commence, policymakers in state houses across the country are crafting their priorities for the year. Meanwhile, Congress continues to debate legislation that would make historic investments in clean and renewable energy, potentially lowering the cost of rooftop solar by 30% and of an electric vehicle by up to $12,500. From where I sit, the year ahead is bursting at the seams with possibilities. 2022 could very well be a tipping point in our nation’s transition toward a cleaner, healthier future powered by renewable resources.

Seeing this promising national policy landscape and knowing the practically unlimited nature of the renewable resources at our fingertips, I’m deeply optimistic. The reasons I’m so hopeful could – and have! – taken up a whole blog post of their own. What’s especially front-of-mind for me right now is the wealth of opportunities this year for ambitious, impactful actions at the state level all across the country.

State renewable energy standards and goals have long been critical drivers of adoption, which has in turn driven down costs and spurred advancement thanks to economies of scale. Ever since the possibility of meeting all of our energy needs with clean and renewable resources started coming into view a few years ago, leading states and cities across the country have stepped up and set goals for 100% clean or renewable energy. 

In 2021, Oregon and Illinois became the eighth and ninth states, respectively, to join the club of states that have made 100% clean electricity commitments. And, plenty of others are considering hopping on the bandwagon. With that in mind, this week, Environment America officially launched our 2022 campaign for 100% Renewable in a dozen states

I’m not a betting woman. But, if I were, I’d put money on at least one more state stepping up to bat with a new commitment to go 100% in 2022. The question is who will it be – Massachusetts? Colorado? Maybe it will be my home state of Rhode Island, or where you live. All I know for sure is that I’m excited to see what the year brings for this movement. 

I hope you’ll join me in resolving to secure a commitment to 100% clean and renewable energy for your state in 2022. You can get started today by joining our One Million for 100% Renewable Energy community of action takers who support our vision for a cleaner, healthier future powered by renewable energy.


Emma Searson

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