Earth Day Electric Car Show of the Future with Mayor Wallace

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Morgan Folger

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Glassboro celebrates Earth Day and electric cars

Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Glassboro, NJ — In celebration of Earth Day, the Borough of Glassboro, Environment New Jersey, and Jersey Renews gave the community the opportunity to connect with zero emission vehicles to demonstrate how clean vehicles can help fight climate change and clean the air.

The first annual Learn Electric Automobile Day (LEAD) kicked off in Town Square with local residents and car dealerships showing off their electric vehicles–everyone from community members to Rowan University students had the chance to take test drives in a variety of electric cars on the market.

“The excitement of EVs is here and switching to driving electric is one of the most impactful things people can do to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Glassboro Mayor John E. Wallace III. “This Earth Day event is where green meets fun and is a great opportunity for people to experience the many benefits of electric vehicles first-hand in a non-sales setting.”

In the most densely populated state in the country, with 9 million people, we have more than 3 million registered vehicles, and we suffer from some of the worst regional air pollution. But with statewide action, New Jersey could become a national leader and model for addressing climate change by encouraging widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

“Nearly 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey come from the transportation sector. While we need statewide commitments from big players like NJ Transit and the Murphy Administration, municipalities can lead the fight by encouraging communities to move towards electrification,” said Norah Langweiler, campaign organizer for Jersey Renews. “Creating space for electric infrastructure on a local level through amendments to zoning ordinances and investing in electric vehicle supply equipment at municipally-owned sites is foundational work for an efficient transition to a clean energy future.”

The Borough of Glassboro is already setting a good example for the rest of New Jersey. Glassboro has committed to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2035. They’ve also signaled support for increased adoption of electric vehicles and needed infrastructure in order to reduce global warming pollution and improve air quality.

“We need to make owning and operating an EV as convenient for New Jersey families as having our current exhaust-spewing cars. Plugging in should be as easy as filling up,” said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey. “To minimize the pollution that causes climate change, we have to electrify our transportation system as quickly as possible.”

There are numerous environmental, public health, and consumer benefits of driving electric vehicles, and New Jersey can become a leader in the transition to an electric transportation future.

“As we celebrate Earth Day, what could be a better than an electric vehicle ride and drive event?” said Debra Coyle-McFadden, Executive Director of NJ Work Environment Council. “The transportation sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey. Every passenger vehicle mile covered to electric is 70% cleaner. Switching to electric vehicles is good for the planet and is an important step to improve public health.”

“Electric vehicle (EV) ride and drives provide a unique education and outreach opportunity since it blends the excitement of new technology and a phenomenal driving experience, with information about how New Jersey can clean the air and decrease air pollution from greenhouse gases. EVs aren’t slow golf carts anymore- they have instant torque, a variety of cool tech features, and are hitting the market in a variety of vehicle shapes and sizes. ChargEVC is proud to support EV ride and drives which teach the public about this transformative technology and we look forward to bringing cleaner air and big economic benefit to the state as EV adoption increases in the coming years,” said Ashley Lynn Chrzaszcz, Associate at Gabel Associates and Representative of ChargEVC.

“What would Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, the Buddha or Lord Krishna drive? Without doubt, an electric vehicle,” said Rev. Fletcher Harper, director of the interfaith environmental organization GreenFaith. “Less air pollution and less climate change means healthier communities and saving lives. There’s just no question that we need state policies that make EV’s the new normal.”

“Electric vehicles are coming, and New Jersey needs to be ready,” said Morgan Folger, Clean Cars Advocate for Environment New Jersey. “By taking steps to improve our EV infrastructure and accelerate the transition to electric transportation, New Jersey can create the road map for other states to follow.”


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