Fracking Waste Ban Bill Passes NJ Assembly By Wide Bipartisan Majority of 61-17; Bill Heads to Christie’s Desk

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Environment New Jersey

Amidst the budget debate this afternoon, the New Jersey Assembly passed by a strong bipartisan  61-17-1 supermajority legislation to ban fracking waste from being discharged, treated, stored or transported in New Jersey.  The legislation follows action by the State Senate last month to pass an identical ban on fracking waste.  The legislation now goes to Gov. Christie’s desk. The Governor has 45 days to act on legislation.

The following is the response by Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey:

“Today is a landmark day for New Jersey and our waterways. Fracking waste has been dumped into New Jersey’s waterways, and today’s action by the Assembly sends a clear, bipartisan message to keep fracking waste away from New Jersey.

Fracking waste is not an abstract threat – close to 1.4 million gallons of fracking wastewater were dumped into the Delaware River and 478 tons of fracking waste were trucked into New Jersey. Our waterways have enough problems without having to deal with the toxic witches brew of fracking waste.

We urge Gov. Christie to listen to the voice of the public and the Legislature and sign this ban into fracking waste into law.”