Gov. Murphy Signs EV Charging Bill, Encouraging Installation at Common Interest Communities

Media Contacts
Hayley Berliner

Environment New Jersey

Trenton – Today, Governor Murphy signed into law a bill that will encourage common interest communities to install electric vehicle charging stations for at home use. The bill, sponsored by Assembly members Gordon Johnson, Jim Kennedy, and Dan Benson, as well as Senators Smith and Codey, is a great step towards increasing electric vehicle adoption in New Jersey. This legislation allows unit owners in multi-unit dwellings to purchase and install electric vehicle charging stations for their parking spaces, superseding condo or homeowner associations rules on the matter.

Hayley Berliner, clean energy associate for Environment New Jersey, issued the following statement after the legislation was signed into law: 

“The inability to charge an electric vehicle at home is one of the most commonly cited reasons why people do not purchase electric vehicles. At-home charging reduces range anxiety and provides EV drivers a sense of security, knowing that they can always charge when they get home at night. There is no reason why people who live in multi-family housing shouldn’t have access to charging infrastructure.”

“We’re thankful for Governor Murphy for signing this legislation, and we thank Senators Smith and Codey, and Assemblymen Johnson, Kennedy, and Benson for their prime sponsorship of this bill. This is a good step forward, but there is a lot of work left to do. New Jersey needs a state-wide network of fast charging stations, especially along our highways and heavily trafficked roads, as we move forward to reach our electrification charging goals.”