NJBPU Incentivizes EV Charging at Multi-Unit Dwellings, Boosting Access to Drive Electric

Media Contacts
Hayley Berliner

Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center

Trenton – Today, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) voted to create an incentive program to encourage the construction of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at multi-unit dwellings. The omnibus electric vehicle law, signed by Governor Murphy in January 2020, established a goal of 15% of all multi-unit dwellings in the state having charging stations by 2025. This incentive program will offer:

  • $1,500 in rebates for level 2 charging stations

  • 50% of the costs of make ready charging infrastructure up to $5,000

  • Bonus incentives for overburdened communities up to

    • $2,000 for level 2 charging stations

    • 75% of the costs of make ready charging stations up to $7,500

New Jersey’s FY22 state budget allocated $14 million to the NJBPU to fund electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the Board will use $1 million of that to fund this incentive program. Multi-unit dwellings must have at least five units and have dedicated off-street parking to be eligible for the incentives offered through this program. Eligible entities can apply for up to six charging stations.

Hayley Berliner, Clean Energy Advocate with Environment New Jersey issued the following statement: 

“The biggest barrier facing electric vehicle adoption in New Jersey right now is access to charging. We know the majority of EV charging happens at home, but not everyone has equal access to at-home charging. This program will start to fix that problem by expanding access to those without private garages or driveways and ensure that anyone in New Jersey who wants to drive electric can do so.

We want to thank the NJBPU for creating this EV charging incentive program for multi-unit dwellings and continuing to build out New Jersey’s network of EV charging infrastructure. We need to keep finding ways to make electric vehicles affordable and accessible to make it easier to drive electric and reduce climate pollutants in New Jersey. This funding is a start and we urge lawmakers to consider additional funding next year to incentivize more chargers throughout the state for every community.”