Statement: State Senate Passed Appliance Efficiency Standards (A5160/S3324) By A 24-13 Vote

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Updated Appliance Efficiency Standards will reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Environment New Jersey

Trenton – New Jersey is another step closer to adopting new energy efficiency standards for major everyday appliances. A5160, sponsored by Assemblymen DeAngelo and Conaway, and its Senate substitute S3324, sponsored by Senators Smith and Bateman, passed the Senate today (24-13). The bill will now move to Governor Murphy’s desk.

The bill will update efficiency standards for a set of 17 household and commercial appliances such as light fixtures and showerheads. The standards have not been updated in New Jersey since 2005. The legislation would require products sold and installed in the state to use less energy and water to save resources. 

Using less energy in our homes and businesses will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If the new standards are passed, New Jersey would see a 178,000 metric tons of CO2 reduction — the equivalent of taking 72,000 cars off the road. Lowering greenhouse gas emissions will have positive health impacts on New Jerseyans for years to come. 

Doug O’Malley, Director of Environment New Jersey released the following statement:

“The best form of renewable energy is the energy we don’t use in the first place. These updated appliance efficiency standards will ensure massive energy and water savings from common household and commercial appliances, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving public health.

“We want to thank Assemblymen DeAngelo and Conaway and Senators Smith and Bateman for being the prime sponsors of this important legislation, helping to reduce harmful air pollution and protect public health. We look forward to Governor Murphy signing this bill into law early in the new year.”