Statement: With President Biden’s signature, New Jersey will receive billions in vital infrastructure investments

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Bipartisan bill will mean clean air, water and energy for New Jerseyans

Trenton, NJ– President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law Monday. The bill directs historic investments to New Jersey including:

  • $7.9 billion to repair and upgrade roads, bridges, and walkways and bikeways, including the Gateway Project to expand rail capacity under the Hudson River

  • Funding to reduce global warming pollution from transportation, including $4.1 billion for public transit to help NJ Transit, $104 million to build a network of electric vehicle charging stations in New Jersey, and more than $4 billion New Jersey can apply for in nationwide grants to electrify transit vehicles like NJ Transit’s bus fleet

  • $2.5 billion available in nationwide grants to electrify New Jersey’s school buses

  • $1 billion to clean up New Jersey’s waterways, remove lead pipes, and address lead in schools’ drinking water

  • Nationwide, the bill provides $73 billion to strengthen the electrical grid and for energy efficiency and weatherization programs

The legislation also restores a “polluter pays” tax to fund clean-up of toxic waste sites via the Superfund program.

A recent report from Environment New Jersey found that 55% of school taps tested in Bergen County found lead in the water. Tests also confirmed lead in schools’ water in Newark, Trenton,

Cherry Hill, and elsewhere. Environment New Jersey released a report in 2020, Blueprint for America, calling for many of the infrastructure investments included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

In response to the bill’s signing, Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey, released the following statement:

“Ancient infrastructure endangers our health and our environment — this is a bill that has come due years ago. Pipes leach lead into our kids’ drinking water and leak sewage into our waterways. Our transportation system pollutes our air and doesn’t provide enough safe options for New Jersey residents. The bipartisan infrastructure bill will make investments in NJ Transit, build the Gateway Project, electrify our transportation sector, replace lead service lines and modernize our electric grid. We are thrilled to see it signed into law thanks to support from New Jersey’s entire Congressional bipartisan delegation — this is a big deal for New Jersey.”