Environment America Action Fund’s GreenHouse Project helps turn New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional district greener

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Sanders Moore

Environment New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE — Environment America Action Fund (EAAF) and Environment New Mexico are thrilled to congratulate Congresswoman-elect Xochitl Torres Small on her big win in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

Environment America Action Fund endorsed and helped elect Torres Small as part of EAAF’s GreenHouse Project, which strategically selected U.S. House races in 10 swing districts across the country where voters had clear choices between pro-environment candidates and candidates who were against environmental protections.

“It goes without saying that water and public lands are precious resources to us in New Mexico,” said Sanders Moore, director of Environment New Mexico “We knew it was critical for New Mexicans to have someone as mindful and knowledgeable on these issues as Torres Small representing us in Washington. Our team is excited about this victory and we look forward to working with the congresswoman-elect to protect our water and open spaces.”

Environment America Action Fund delivered upwards of 70,000 pieces of direct mail and more than 1.8 million digital impressions to environmentally-motivated persuadable voters in the 2nd Congressional District and then followed up these communications with telephone reminders to these same voters, helping to elect Torres Small to Congress.

Environment America Action Fund works to protect our environment by supporting candidates for public office who champion clean air, clean water, wilderness preservation, and strong action to address global warming.  The Environment America Action Fund is a part of the Environment America family of organizations.

Environment America is the national federation of statewide, citizen-based advocacy organizations working for a cleaner, greener, healthier future including Environment New Mexico.  

Environment New Mexico is dedicated to protecting the air, water and open spaces of New Mexico.

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