Environment New Mexico Announces Endorsements for November Election, 2010

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Environment New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM – Today Environment New Mexico, with over 13,000 members and activists, announced its endorsement of Representatives Heinrich, Teague and Lujan for this November’s election. The organization cited their records on dealing with our energy crisis, ending America’s dependence on oil, and curbing global warming pollution. 

According to Environment New Mexico, Representatives Heinrich, Teague and Lujan voted for policies to create over 11,000 clean energy jobs and cut energy costs by more than $450 per year per household in New Mexico.

“These candidates have been consistent and effective leaders, producing real results that are moving New Mexico toward energy independence, creating clean energy jobs and cracking down on dangerous carbon pollution,” said Sanders Moore, Advocate for Environment New Mexico. “New Mexicans are at work today in jobs manufacturing solar energy systems and building wind farms, consumers are saving money and pollution is being reduced because of policies they have helped put in place.

Environment New Mexico pointed to the most recent Council of Economic Advisors’ report that shows the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act is responsible for 19,000 jobs in New Mexico to date, including a large number of clean energy jobs.

“While campaign cash from Big Oil and the polluter lobby is drowning our political system, Representatives Heinrich, Teague and Lujan have consistently stood up to powerful interests and fought for our parks, the quality of our air and water and the promise of a clean energy economy,” said Moore.  

Environment New Mexico will be mobilizing its members to support these candidates in the November election and to make sure their voice is heard on critical environmental issues facing New Mexico.


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