Statement: U.S. Senate introduces bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

Media Contacts
Susan Holmes

Former Director, Save America’s Wildlife Campaign, Environment America

WASHINGTON – Environment America applauds U.S. Sens. Martin Heinrich (New Mexico) and Thom Tillis (North Carolina) on the reintroduction of the bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. This legislation, the most significant investment in wildlife conservation in a generation, dedicates $1.4 billion annually toward proactive, voluntary conservation efforts for at-risk species.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will:

  • Provide state and territorial wildlife agencies with up to $1.4 billion annually so they can implement their federally approved Wildlife Action Plans,
  • Invest up to $98 million annually in wildlife conservation efforts led by Tribal Nations,
  • Support state, tribal, private and national efforts to recover species of concern, including species currently listed as threatened and endangered. 

Statement by Susan Holmes, Save America’s Wildlife Campaign Director for Environment America: 

“America’s wildlife is in danger. In the last 50 years, animal populations have plummeted by nearly 70% globally, and one-third of U.S. species are at risk of extinction. From the monarch butterfly and the rusty patched bumblebee to the Florida Panther, grizzly and bison, the wild creatures we love are struggling.  

“Recovering America’s Wildlife Act is a bold vision for funding wildlife conservation and a game-changer for America’s wildlife. It will bring significant funding to states to implement their Wildlife Action Plans. This investment will help ensure that our children and grandchildren will experience America’s beautiful and abundant wildlife. 

“The American people care deeply about the wildlife we share our world with, and that’s why you’re seeing bipartisan support for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. We urge Congress to pass this important bill.”