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Solar power

Recording: Solar on highways and parking lots webinar

In this policy briefing webinar, hear from experts who have introduced or championed legislation to expand solar production on parking lots and along highways.

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How you can electrify your home
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Energy efficiency

How you can electrify your home

In our recent webinar experts and homeowners talked about the benefits of electrification for cooking, home heating and cooling and more. Watch clips and read some of the practical tips and advice they shared about how to electrify your home.

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Wasting our Waterways
This Dow Chemical facility in Freeport, TX released toxic substances to a local waterway in 2020.

Clean water

Wasting our Waterways

Polluters poured nearly 200 million pounds of toxic substances into U.S. waterways in 2020. We must strengthen Clean Water Act protections and reduce toxics use.


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