A Big Win for Our Environment -- Environment America-endorsed Doug Jones elected to U.S. Senate

For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON, D.C -- Environment America, with a great sense of pride, congratulates Doug Jones, his campaign, and the voters of Alabama for sending Mr. Jones to Washington last night.

Environment America both endorsed his campaign and encouraged our members and supporters across the state to turn out to vote. Environment America’s member-supported political action committee also made a direct contribution to Doug Jones’s campaign.

“As a native Alabaman, I could not be more proud of my home state,” said Environment America’s Deputy Political Director, Will Eley. “I traveled back home just last week in support of the Jones campaign on behalf of our members, and I was overwhelmed by the excitement surrounding this historic election. The voters I spoke with were ready for a U.S. Senator who trusts the impartial science behind climate change and values Alabama’s public lands. Environment America’s staff looks forward to working with the Senator-elect in both Washington, D.C. and in Alabama to defend our nation’s air, water and open space.”

“Senator-elect Doug Jones is not only good for America, but good for the planet. His website says “The consequences of our unchecked use of fossil fuels for our planet and our health have been clear for decades. Period. Clean air and clean water are not controversial. They are essential to our health, our prosperity, and our quality of life.” We agree.

Environment America’s members and supporters know that defending the environment requires independent research, tough-minded advocacy, and spirited grassroots action. Doug Jones’s campaign embodied those very actions and ideals.