Nathan Willcox,
Environment America

Merkley-Alexander Electric Vehicles Bill Can Help America Get Off Oil

For Immediate Release

Washington, DC — Senators Merkley (D-OR) and Alexander (R-TN) have proposed legislation that would provide billions in funding for the development and deployment of plug-in vehicles. Environment America Policy Analyst Daniel Gatti issued this statement in response:

“With the costs of our oil dependence growing out of control, American families need new, high-tech vehicles that will reduce air pollution and help protect our beaches, our climate and our economy by getting us off oil. By investing in clean energy and American ingenuity, Sen. Merkley and Sen. Alexander’s bill would drive a brighter future for our environment, our economy, and for our middle class.

“The technology to break our dependence on oil has arrived. Over the next three years, more than a dozen models of electric vehicle will be mass-produced in the United States. These cars offer superior automotive performance while consuming no oil on most trips and producing no tailpipe pollution. And they can be operated for less than three pennies per mile.  

“Like many new technologies, electric vehicles will require public support at first to reduce initial costs and build an infrastructure of charging stations. This bill presents the right strategy to build that infrastructure, focusing on deployment communities in which the cities and towns with the best strategies for adopting electric vehicles will be rewarded with federal funds. 

“The American people need a real solution to the crisis of oil dependence, not phony slogans and more giveaways to Big Oil. The United States Congress should pass this legislation and help build a future free from oil.”