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Good as news: positive environmental stories you may have missed this week

The Public Interest Network’s Environment America and U.S. PIRG are working on multiple campaigns to help America get through the coronavirus pandemic as quickly and safely as possible. But we're also working to ensure that when the outbreak ends, the United States’ policies and practices ensure a cleaner, safer, better world for all of us.

News Release | Environment America

Statement: Sen. Udall Introduces “Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act”

This zero-tolerance policy for plastic pellet pollution helps lay the foundation for a zero-waste world where we always choose wildlife over waste. 

News Release | Environment America

New Jersey Assembly passes strongest national ban on single-use plastics

The New Jersey Assembly passed the strongest plastics ban in the nation on Thursday, prohibiting single-use plastic bags and polystyrene foam containers, and making people request straws if they want them.

News Release | Environment America

Statement: Trump administration takes another dangerous step toward removing key protections for Tongass National Forest

Damaging the Tongass in this way is like demolishing your log cabin for kindling wood to toast marshmallows -- it’s a terribly short-sighted decision that trades something permanent for something of fleeting value. 

News Release | Environment America & U.S. PIRG

Statement: House passes key clean transportation and climate legislation

The U.S. House passed a major piece of legislation on Thursday that marks meaningful progress on clean energy and climate. The “Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act” reduces greenhouse gas emissions and accelerates vehicle electrification. It also modernizes and bolsters funding authorizations for clean energy research and development programs – including solar energy, wind energy, energy storage and other Department of Energy (DOE) programs.