President Obama Pushes Congress to Support Clean Energy Credit

For Immediate Release

Washington, DC – President Obama is visiting a wind turbine factory in Newton, IA today to highlight the benefits of clean energy businesses to our environment and economy, and call on Congress to extend the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) this summer. Earlier this month, the President included extending the PTC on his To-Do List for Congress to act on this summer to create jobs and rebuild the middle class.

Environment America’s Federal Clean Energy Advocate Courtney Abrams issued the following statement today:

“The President’s commitment to clean, local energy makes sense – it is good for the environment, our families’ health and the economy. Clean, renewable energy is creating pollution-free power and local jobs across the country. Extending the production tax credit is a critical step towards building a clean energy economy that will protect our environment and ensure a cleaner, healthier future for all Americans.

“We applaud the President’s vigorous support for expanding clean energy in America. Congress should move quickly to extend the production tax credit and check this legislative priority off of the President’s To-Do List for the sake of our environment, our health, and our economy.”