Senate Must Craft Energy & Water Bill that Protects Health and the Environment

For Immediate Release

Today, the Senate Energy and Water Development Appropriations subcommittee will mark-up a bill to fund federal water and energy programs. In July, the House passed the Fiscal Year 2012 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill (HR 2354). The House bill made large cuts to the Department of Energy budget, especially to energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Additionally, the bill contained a rider that would block the Army Corps of Engineers from implementing new Clean Water Act protections for streams and wetlands across the country.

Piper Crowell, Clean Water Advocate for Environment America, said:

“We are counting on the Senate to stand up for clean water and pave the way for a clean energy future by crafting a budget bill that is free of anti-environmental riders, and which sufficiently funds priority clean energy and water programs.

“The Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill passed by the House in July is an assault on common sense protections for our nation’s waterways, drinking water, and clean energy economy. The House bill clearly gave corporate interests a free pass to pollute our air and water, and moved us away from the clean, efficient energy future that Americans support. 

“We urge the Senate to put forward legislation that represents the best interest of the public rather than polluters. Americans want clean energy, clean water to drink and swim in, and real solutions from Congress that protect the environment and our health.”