Statement: In memory of William Ruckelshaus, the original EPA administrator

First Environmental Protection Agency head implemented Clean Air Act, banned DDT
For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON -- William Ruckelshaus, the Environmental Protection Agency's first administrator, died today. Ruckelshaus led the EPA twice, first under Richard Nixon, and then again under Ronald Reagan. The man who current administrator Andrew Wheeler called the “father of the EPA” is best known for overseeing the ban on DDT, as well as the implementation of the Clean Air Act of 1970

In response, Environment America chairman Doug Phelps released the following statement: 

"Administrator Ruckelshaus’ record of public service reminds us that clean air, clean water and protected open spaces matter to Americans of all political stripes. His integrity helped build a strong foundation at the EPA, and sets an example for today’s environmental protectors. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends, and take inspiration from his example. Working together, we must ensure that every administration prioritizes the environment and public health."