Testing off the Atlantic Coast for Oil and Gas Sends Us Down a Blind Path

For Immediate Release

Washington, DC - In today's weekly radio address, President Obama discussed the solutions his administration is pursuing to address high gas prices.  He talked about cracking down on price gouging and ending special tax breaks for Big Oil. He also talked about expediting seismic testing off the Atlantic coast, looking to see how much oil and gas lies offshore.

Anna Aurilio, Director of the Washington, DC office of Environment America, said about the President's radio address:

"We understand why the President and the American people are concerned about the high price for oil and gas, but the best way to lower those prices and the cost to families over time is to transition this country off oil.  As long as we continue to consume more oil than any other country in the world, the price will be high and volatile. 

"Instead, if we transition ourselves off oil by raising gas mileage, constructing more energy efficient buildings, giving commuters more mass transit choices and generating more wind and solar energy, we'll save money and our air will be healthier to breathe.  Those are the real solutions the President should be focused on. Testing for oil and potentially drilling off our Atlantic coasts and beaches isn't going to solve our problems.  We already know where offshore drilling leads.  The BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico last summer showed us that more drilling will lead to more spills, oil dependency and threats to our wonderful beaches, coastal economies, and marine wildlife."