Representatives propose caution on fracking

For immediate release

Raleigh, NC—Reps. Mitch Gillespie and Mike Stone announced legislation today that would continue study of the controversial form of gas drilling known as “fracking” for another two years.  Environment North Carolina State Director Elizabeth Ouzts commended their cautious approach, and issued the following statement in response:

“We’re pleased that Reps. Gillespie and Stone aren’t proposing to lift the state’s ban on fracking.  There’s no question that this controversial form of gas drilling poses threats to our water, our air, and our quality of life.”

“Unfortunately, the legislative proposal presented today presumes that fracking can be conducted safely in the state, despite a 444-page study from state environmental regulators that suggests quite the opposite.

“Further study of fracking should focus on evaluating the size of the resource in North Carolina and whether extracting it is worth exposing our waters, our air, and the health of our citizens to inevitable increased pollution.”