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Senate bill marks progress on clean transportation and electric vehicles, but leaves a lot to be desired

The Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works unveiled a major transportation bill today, which includes a section on climate change and marks progress on clean transportation and electric vehicles. That said, the section on climate change represents only about three percent of the total funding authorized by the bill with the rest leaning heavily towards highway funding. The bill also relaxes the environmental review process of projects.

News Release | Environment America

Automakers strike deal with California on vehicle emissions standards

In response to the Trump administration’s rollback of the Clean Car Standards, four automakers and California struck a deal today to reduce tailpipe pollution.

News Release | Environment America

New climate plan: The 100% Clean Energy Economy Act

A United States powered by 100 percent clean energy by 2050 is the goal of a new bill announced by Rep. Don McEachin at the Energy and Commerce Committee earlier today.