News Release | Environment New Jersey

Environment New Jersey Hails Assembly Vote to Ban Toxic Waste from Fracking in New Jersey

In the latest state action against fracking, the New Jersey Assembly today approved a measure to ban the processing of fracking wastewater.  Environment New Jersey and its allies stepped up efforts to build support for Assemblywoman Connie Wagner’s bill after learning that fracking waste had already been shipped to New Jersey, and discharged into the Delaware via a DuPont facility in Salem County.   Legislators approved the bill (A575) this afternoon by a veto-proof majority of 56-19. 

News Release | Environment America

House Passes “Oil Above All” Energy Package

The U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4480, a package of bills that seek to open millions of acres of public lands to drilling, deepen our dependence on oil, create gaping holes in the Clean Air Act, and severely limit the scope of citizen participation in federal decisions regarding public lands. Environment America stands with the environmental community in opposing House Leadership’s relentless pursuit of an “oil above all” energy policy.

News Release | Environment America

Senators Stand Up for Americans’ Health, Help Senate Reject Rollback of Mercury Standards

In a victory for Americans’ health and environment, the U.S. Senate today rejected a bill which would have allowed power plants to continue spewing toxic mercury pollution into our air.  The bill, S.J. Res. 37 introduced by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), would have put up to 11,000 American lives at risk every year. The motion to proceed to the bill was rejected by a vote of 43-56.

News Release | Environment Oregon

Corvallis Takes a Stand for Oceans with Bag Ban

Last night, Corvallis City Council took an important stand against ocean pollution, becoming the second city in Oregon to approve a comprehensive ban on plastic bags. While a second reading and final vote are still required to secure the ordinance, all city councilors are on record in support of the bill, which they voted 8 to 1 to enact at yesterday’s meeting.

News Release | Environment America

House Bill Lifts Lands Protections from Alaska to Arizona

At 5 pm today, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on a package of bills that represent another direct attack on the Best of America: from Alaska’s ancient forests to the shores of North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras, not to mention all public lands within 100 miles of the nation’s border. Environment America joins with conservation groups, sportsmen, Native American tribal organizations, businesses and Hispanic and immigration reform advocates to oppose H.R. 2578 the so-called “Conservation and Economic Growth Act.”