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President’s Tax Plan Helps Level Playing Field for Renewable Energy

President Obama released his framework for corporate tax reform yesterday morning, which includes provisions to eliminate tax breaks to the oil and gas industries and to make the renewable energy production tax credit permanent and refundable.  The plan seeks to expand manufacturing such that the United States takes the lead in manufacturing clean energy technologies, citing that “this will create jobs here at home and … reduce air and water pollution and enhance our national security by reducing dependence on oil.”

News Release | Environment America

Obama Administration Takes Important Step toward Protecting America’s Waterways

From the Chesapeake Bay to the Puget Sound to the many smaller waters in between, America’s waterways are today one step closer to protection under the Clean Water Act, as the Obama administration is now in the final stage of issuing guidelines to restore critical Clean Water Act protections to the nation’s waterways.

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4 of 5 Americans Hit by Recent Weather Disasters; New Report Says Global Warming to Bring More Extreme Weather

After a year that saw many parts of the country hit by scorching heat, devastating wildfires, severe storms and record flooding, a new Environment America report documents how global warming could lead to certain extreme weather events becoming even more common or more severe in the future. The report found that, already, 4 out of 5 Americans live in counties affected by federally declared weather-related disasters since 2006. Last year’s Hurricane Irene, which resulted in the death of 45 people in the 13 states hit by the storm, and an estimated $7.3 billion in damage, is one of the extreme weather events highlighted in the report.

News Release | Environment America

U.S. Senate Bill Attacks Children’s Health, Sides with Polluters

Today, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced a joint resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act, an effort to strike down the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Mercury and Air Toxics standard for power plants. The standard is the first-ever nationwide standard for mercury and air toxics pollution from power plants, and will cut toxic mercury pollution from power plants by 90 percent while saving 11,000 lives.

News Release | Environment New Jersey

New Report: RGGI Benefits NJ’s Economy and Environment

(TRENTON) -- As a bill moves through the Legislature to keep New Jersey in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), Environment New Jersey released a new report that quantifies the program’s benefits to the state’s economy, to business and residential ratepayers, and to the environment. The report documents the benefits already realized by New Jersey after just three years of RGGI participation, and it models future benefits that New Jersey will reap by staying in the program, under both a business-as-usual scenario and under a strengthened and improved program.