Anti-Fracking Campaigns Surround New York

As Surrounding States Mull Bans on Fracking Waste, Environment New York Urges Gov. Cuomo to Hear Neighbors’ Warnings Against Dirty Drilling

Environment New York

Opening a new front in the battle over fracking, Wednesday citizens in yet another neighboring state – Massachusetts – called on their legislators to ban the processing of fracking wastewater.  In response, Environment New York field organizer Eric Whalen issued the following statement:

“Laced with cancer-causing and even radioactive materials, the millions of gallons of toxic wastewater generated by fracking are among the most compelling reasons for New York to abandon the path of dirty drilling.  Our neighbors certainly think so.  Looking at how fracking in Pennsylvania led to the export of fracking waste to surrounding states including New York, every single one of New York’s neighbors is sending a message about such waste in terms they hope Albany will understand: fuhgettaaboutit.”

  • Vermont banned the processing of fracking waste (and fracking itself) in the spring of 2012;
  • New Jersey’s Legislature voted for a similar waste ban last summer overwhelmingly, and they are planning to hold a vote to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of the measure later this year;
  • Connecticut legislators introduced a waste ban bill this year;
  • In Massachusetts, a bill similar to Vermont’s has picked up 14 co-sponsors, and on Wednesday garnered the support of more than 10,000 citizens signing a petition against fracking; and
  • Pennsylvania and Ohio are already inundated with fracking wastewater.

“In other words, none of our neighbors are willing or able to be a dumping ground for New York’s toxic fracking waste.  This fact draws into sharp relief that fracking proponents have presented no credible plan to safely manage the billions of pounds of toxic waste that would be generated by a fracking boom in New York.”

“We urge Governor Cuomo to recognize this toxic regional calculus, and close the door on dirty drilling.”