Closing Indian Point Will Make New York City Safer while Fighting Climate Change Advocates Urge Greater Ambition

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Heather Leibowitz

Environment New York

New York, NY – Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the Indian Point nuclear power plant—located 24 miles north of New York City—will be shutting down by April 2021. This action will make area residents safer and more secure. 

At the same time, the governor pledged to replace Indian Point with clean energy, producing no net increase in global warming pollution. The governor proposed to work with neighboring states to strengthen limits on global warming pollution from power plants to ensure continued regional progress toward clean air. Specifically, the governor proposed to strengthen the limit on pollution set through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) by 30 percent between 2020 and 2030.

Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York, issued the following statement:

“Hats off to the Cuomo Administration and New York leaders for planning to shut down another nuclear plant and replacing it with clean energy.  There’s more than enough renewable energy projects in the pipeline to replace Indian Point. Capturing New York’s tremendous potential for wind power, solar energy and energy savings can put us on a path to 100 percent renewable power and truly clean air.

“We can transition away from unsafe nuclear power while also fighting climate change. The governor’s proposal to reduce our regional limit on global warming pollution from power plants by 30 percent is a step in the right direction – but we can and must do more, faster.

“Last year, Governor Cuomo pledged to reduce New York’s overall global warming pollution 40 percent by 2030 and to get 50 percent of New York’s power from clean energy sources. To get there, we are going to need much more clean, renewable electricity – and we are going to need even stronger limits on pollution. 

“We encourage the Governor to meet the 50 percent clean energy goal with truly renewable sources of energy and to work with neighboring states to double of the annual pollution reductions of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to 5 percent per year over the next decade.   

“The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the nation’s first multi-state program to reduce dangerous climate pollution from power plants, was established by a bi-partisan group of governors.  For the last 8 years, it has proven a resounding success – reducing pollution while creating economic growth. Setting a stronger limit on pollution, while also pushing for more renewable energy and energy saving measures, will bring will the environmental and economic benefits of clean energy to our homes and our neighborhoods.  

“We look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and New York leaders to deliver the 100 percent clean, renewable and safe energy system that we all deserve.”