Enter our Halloween ‘Frackenstein’ costume contest!

Submit your ‘Frackenstein’ and ‘Frackula’ costumes and vote for your favorites

Environment New York Research & Policy Center

With Halloween just around the corner, we here at Environment New York were wondering what Governor Cuomo is planning to wear this year. Will he go to Halloween parties dressed as ‘Frackenstein’ to get a treat from the gas companies? Or will he choose something more responsible, like dressing up as Captain Planet to defend our air and water?

We thought it would be fun to play a little ‘trick’ of our own by hosting a ‘Frackenstein’ Halloween costume contest!

Governor Cuomo will either deserve a ‘trick’ or a ‘treat’ this year when he decides on the fate of dangerous fracking in New York. Let’s show him the horror of fracking with Halloween costumes like Frackenstein or Frackula. Help us pick a winner by ‘liking’ your favorite costumes on Facebook, and click here to submit a photo of your own Halloween costume.

Thanks, and let’s make sure future Halloweens are a little less scary by banning fracking.