New York Announces Establishment of Clean Energy Standard

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Heather Leibowitz

Environment New York

New York, NY- On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the New York State Public Service Commission’s approval of New York’s Clean Energy Standard. The Clean Energy Standard will require 50 percent of New York’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources like wind and solar by 2030.

Heather Leibowitz, the Director of Environment New York, issued the following statement:

“Future impacts of global warming depend on the choices we make today. With Monday’s announcement, Governor Cuomo and the New York State Public Service Commission are showing New York continues to lead by example. This keeps New York right where it should be—at the front of the pack. 

“By accelerating our transition to pollution-free energy sources, we can prevent the worst impacts. Moving forward with the Clean Energy Standard makes it much more likely that New York can ramp up solar and onshore and offshore wind, to meet the Empire State’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. This means cleaner air for families, less global warming pollution, more stable electricity bills, and a stronger economy. 

“Governor Cuomo and the New York Public Service Commission deserve praise for moving  forward with this ambitious, but achievable goal for expanding New York’s use of clean energy.

“While New York accelerates its progress toward a clean energy future, Governor Cuomo can also help drive progress regionally by strengthening the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a program limiting dangerous global warming pollution from power plants in states from Maryland to Maine. These states are currently deciding what the goal of the program should be through 2030.

“We urge Governor Cuomo to strengthen RGGI to cut regional carbon emissions by more than 50 percent through 2030, or 5 percent per year. Today, more than 90 corporations  including IKEA, Ben & Jerry’s, the Gap, Levi Strauss & Co., Staples and Unilever, announced their support for this ambitious goal. Working across state lines, Governor Cuomo can help ensure that all states work together to accelerate the transition to clean energy.”