Pres. Obama to Unveil Plan to Address Climate Change


In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, record drought in many states, and wildfires in Colorado, Pres. Obama has announced he will unveil a climate action plan on Tuesday designed to cut the carbon pollution fueling global warming and advance clean energy solutions. Environment New York and many other organizations applauded the announcement. 

“New York is already paying a price as global warming fuels more damaging storms and dangerous heat waves,” said Eric Whalen, field organizer with Environment New York. “Protecting our children from even more devastating consequences requires bold leadership. President Obama realizes this and we hope his plan will truly begin to safeguard our children’s future.” 

One aspect of the plan that Environment New York and others will be watching closely is how it addresses carbon pollution from power plants. Despite being the largest sources of the carbon pollution fueling global warming, power plants have no federal limits on the amount of carbon pollution they can spew into our air. The president’s plan could take a pivotal step toward changing that.

“President Obama’s climate plan should clean up the largest global warming polluters and advance clean energy solutions, to help protect New Yorkers and future generations from more severe weather and other consequences of global warming,” said Whalen. “In addition to cleaning up carbon pollution from power plants, we will look for the president’s plan to advance energy efficiency measures and expand renewable energy—two critical steps toward getting the nation on track to a truly clean energy future.”

New Yorkers have voiced support for Pres. Obama’s action, and more than 3.2 million Americans submitted public comments last year in support of the president setting limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Numerous organizations and opinion leaders from New York have spoken out in support as well, including Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand.   

Left unchecked, global warming is likely to result in everything from more intense storms to more unhealthy air days here in New York. Scientists have warned that time is short to make the necessary cuts in carbon pollution to protect future generations from the worst consequences of global warming. 

Cities and states across the country have been successfully implementing climate action plans and renewable energy solutions. For example, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently strengthened New York’s leading global warming program, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  These programs have helped cut carbon pollution, and paved the way for Tuesday’s plan for federal action from Pres. Obama.

“Environment New York, and our thousands of members and supporters stand ready to assist the president in taking ambitious steps to cut global warming pollution,” concluded Whalen.